"The great thing about digital storytelling is that once people see it and understand it, they find uses for it everywhere - from education to outreach, in schools and in the community, as a tool for mobilizing, recruiting, and retaining quality participants."

Workshop Participant

"Creative Narrations is amazing!  The fact that they could take a very non-techie like myself, and turn her into someone who has facilitated 10 classes to date, is a testament to their training ability. The trainer made it clear that I could call her whenever I had a question, and I did!  She walked me through everything from trouble shooting on recording voice to Mac Use 101. Her enthusiasm and confidence in my ability to be a facilitator convinced me that I could conduct successful digital storytelling trainings and my participant's evaluations tell me she was right!"

Teresa, Anchorage AK

"It’s hard to capture in a few words how Creative Narrations manages to to build new capacity in people far from power. We’ve seen Creative Narrations facilitators at work with people who are not sure what exactly is a narrative, much less think they might have one worthy of communicating to others. Yet, in such a short period of time, the great facilitating, teaching and coaching skills make it possible for people to create a sophisticated digital story that has great meaning to them. It also has meaning that goes well beyond one individual personal narrative...The new digital storytellers show how powerful personal stories can combine art with visions of personal and social change."

Dan, Cambridge MA

"The experience and process of creating a digital story allowed me to not only develop skills I did not know I had but also allowed me to share a story that has shaped my life. The guidance I received from my trainers allowed me to remain independent and creative and at the same time gave me a medium in which to relay my story in a concise and powerful manner."

Workshop Participant

"Being trained in the process and creation of a digital story has given me a voice and has allowed me to empower others and give others the opportunity to have their voice heard, their lives shared."

Mayra, Seattle WA

"The trainers are passionate about digital stories and about social justice issues. Their expertise for our diverse community added richness and depth to our project. I am certain that our stories would not have turned out to be so impactful - with clients and with the legislature - for advocacy if it were not for our trainers' years of experience and expertise."

Sarah, Seattle WA

"The stories that were developed were amazing.  They personalized the impact of health disparities and demonstrated that impact in a way that no statistic can. I also saw these stories as a celebration of the people who work as part of REACH coalitions and communities."

Martha, Tucson AZ

"Without a doubt, Creative Narrations trainers are some of the best trainers that I have met. They emphasize the role of the story and personal narrative while introducing the technology to make Digital Storytelling accessible to all. The carefully paced steps of her training ensure that participants create a story that is high quality."

Brandon, Tucson AZ