The Echo of the Beginning: Birth Stories from Redcliff, WI

By Jen - Posted on 01 March 2017

Last summer, we worked together with the RedCliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa as their maternal home visiting program gathered local stories about birth and parenthood.  Local public health leader Isaiah Brokenleg joined Jen Nowicki Clark as a co-facilitator.  We held a three-day workshop in the health clinic, helping out with the kids so their parents could focus on their writing for a bit, and the participants created 10 different stories about their experience with birth, from the perspectives of moms, dads, elders- surrounded by family and friends or all alone, exploring the conditions of feeling supported in their decisions and emotions.  These are important topics that touch many people’s lives but, as the maternal health program noticed, we need new ways to start talking about them.  So why not start with our stories?  After the stories were created, we held a public screening event at the local casino. We created a discussion guide and customized it for those particular stories and produced and packaged 100 DVDs to be distributed and used throughout the community as a way to engage new parents, and anyone who is able to support new parents (which, really, is everyone.)   You can see the stories here:


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