What are Digital Stories?

Digital Storytelling is a process that allows media novices to produce brief videos by blending their voices, photographs, and other personal artifacts. This process exposes participants to multimedia technology through a meaningful context; their own stories. In the past few years, community digital storytelling has become part of the organizing and advocacy strategies for health-care reform, immigrant rights, adult education, and many other issues. View selection of stories produced in our workshops below.

Focus on Public Health

Reflections on Chemotherapy: Laura's Journey by Laura J. Revels
After being diagnosed with Cancer, Laura was unable to find stories by other Native women who had undergone treatment. She tells the story of her experience so that others can understand the reality of Chemotherapy and how to get through it without fear.

Focus on Education

Si Se Puede by Teresa Moreno
Teresa tells a story about her decision to get her GED. Although she was afraid that she was too old to go back to school, she found a strong network of support at an adult education center in Tucson.

Focus on Community Action

Bad Choices by Aderian Fair
Aderian tells how his problems with his family led to bad decisions and breaking the law.


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