Natasha Freidus

Natasha Freidus founded Creative Narrations in 2001.  She has studied and worked in a range of communities including the U.S./Mexican border, the Dominican Republic, Thailand, and spent 2006-7 on a Fulbright Fellowship in Tarragona, Spain. Natasha earned her Masters degree in Urban Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she was community media coordinator and a course instructor. Through her work with Creative Narrations, Natasha was the project manager for the acclaimed community story-mapping initiative, Mapping Our Voices for Equity.

Now, Natasha is a social entrepreneur currently spearheading an initiative to leverage technology resources as the founder at NeedsList, a social venture connecting refugee aid communities with people, businesses, and civil society organizations that want to help. NeedsList emerged from Natasha’s work as the co-founder of Prosper Community, a consortium of partners and volunteers who have produced and are curating a searchable database of migrant-related initiatives.