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Changes in Actions: Acting on new beliefs and understandings

"And ultimately we believe that change doesn't happen until you act on it. Insight never liberated anybody."
Sister Judy Donovan

A heightened sense of efficacy. The ability to critique the socio-economic conditions of the Valley. Increased self-confidence. A deeper relationship with God. These changes, while profound, do not in and of themselves lead to better jobs, to safer neighborhoods, to health insurance. Active citizens must believe in their potential to effect change. They must understand how to bring about change. But they must also act on these beliefs and understandings. In what ways do these people now participate in their community that they did not do previously? From testifying in front of thousands to organizing voter registration campaigns, from countless hours of local planning sessions to waking up at three am to be in Austin for the nine oąclock rally. Individuals throughout the Valley are participating politically in ways they never dreamed possible.





"What have you participated in that you didn't participate before? "

"What haven't I participated in?"


"I used to say‹who am I to go and ask for money? Or to go and ask something of someone? I say, well, I have the backing of my church, I have the organization, it's not me. And that's what gives me strength and I do it. I don't feel alone, I know that something is backing me up."


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"We carry the word, we teach what they talk about, what is going to happen, what we know to the people that don't know and don't participate. "


"I didn't vote, I didn't participate in anything that doesn't concern meŠNow I vote, something I should have done a long time ago I get involved, in the school board...I feel that I have become a stronger person because I can go out and do things that before I never would have even dreamt about."











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