The Dump is Doing this to Us

Ben Henthorne III
Hopland Band of Pomo Indians

How does our garbage affect our communities?  In this story, Ben tells us, "I remember going to that dump on the weekends and seeing several of my family members sifting through the piles of garbage look for items to collect.  Later in the 1990’s this land fill was found to be one of the most toxic dumps in Northern California."  He continues to tell about his experiences and challenges his audience to "Remember that our waste never truly disappears it’s just becomes transformed and later reappears."                         

How this story is being used for change: 

The ten stories that were created through this project all touch upon the Tribe's need to deal with trash dumping in their community. It affects the environment, it affects the traditional food sources and it affects the long-term health of the community. The goal is to not only show them periodically to community members during monthly "Movie Nights" to start a dialogue locally, but to also show them in January 2012 at a National EPA conference to raise awareness of the urgency of this issue in their lives.


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