The Voices of Classroom Teachers

Teachers’ voices are often not heard beyond the classroom and are critical to shaping the public’s understanding of the education system and the need to re-imagine learning. In partnership with CommunityShare, the Arizona Commission on the Arts, The University of Arizona Poetry Center and City Center for Collaborative Learning, Creative Narrations offered a 4-day professional development session on digital storytelling for classroom teachers in Tucson. Participating teachers were asked to think about their own learning experiences, what learning experiences were transformative as a child, how that informs how they teach, and what role the community can play in supporting and realizing meaningful learning for their students and themselves. Each participant then completed one 2-3 minute digital story highlighting his or her own experience as learners, teachers and education advocates. These stories are intended to spark wider community engagement and ongoing conversation around how to create a healthier system for learning.  Check out all of the stories here: